What's New in Flooring


In 2021, we’re embracing the sentiment that old is new again – but completely revamped. Newstalgia focuses on bringing back décor from decades’ past to satisfy our craving for nostalgia and recreating these trends into a brighter living space for our future.

Scandinavian Inspiration

The Scandinavian design trend is huge right now and won’t be leaving us any time soon – and we couldn’t be happier. Popular for its minimalist style with a focus on functionality and simplicity it’s no wonder this relaxed approach is being embraced. We’ve been so inspired by the Scandinavian movement that our entire Empower™ rigid core collection reflects this trend.


Natural & Organic Elements

Natural details add texture and warmth to any room and create a more organic look that produces a sense of calmness, relaxation and wellness – a most welcome vibe with so many people at home in 2021. We’re celebrating this continued rising trend with the versatile stone and marble visuals we offer in our flooring. Let us help you bring nature and peace into your home.

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