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In 2021, more than ever, consumers are looking to past eras for comfort and reassurance – increasing the surge of the Newstalgia trend.

Art Deco & Retro-Inspired Designs

Reaching their heights of popularity in completely different decades from the past, what can the Art Deco and Retro design movements possibly have in common? Surprisingly, quite a lot! Rich colors, bold geometric shapes and artistic details are at the forefront of both trends, but the most unique commonality? PERSONALITY. And lots of it. 

And in 2021, there is an important sense of personalization and making our homes all about ourselves. As a means of bringing joy into living spaces, expressive personal touches will be key for 2021 and beyond. Retro geometrics will be given a digital overhaul. Bold colors and earth tones linked to the 1970s are interior designers’ top choices for making a comeback in 2021. Retro color can be used to update contemporary pieces for a fusion of old and new.

Mid-Century Modern

Born in the early 1950s, modern design was created with the goal of balancing beauty and function. Earning the name ‘mid-century modern’ with its return over the past decade, today’s take on modern design also embraces neutral tones and natural textures, in addition to its trademark classic — sleek lines. Gaining momentum with consumers in popularity for its design versatility and ease of integration with other styles, we are also loving the versatility it offers to our own design team. 

Time-Worn & Vintage Natural Elements

Promoting a calm and ‘lived-in’ feeling, vintage elements are seeing a rise in popularity and go hand-in-hand with the Newstalgia trend. The imperfections of time-worn pieces allow for a sense of relaxation in our own homes and how we live; a very welcome vibe in 2021. More and more, homeowners are looking for ways to make their spaces unique and to add their own personality. Adding vintage, natural elements - pieces with intentional scratches and scuffs, antiqued or rubbed metals and stones, and rustic visuals – adds texture and interest to any space.