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We've reinvented vinyl sheet flooring to give you products that combine incredible realism and comfort with durability and affordability. Take a look at vinyl sheet with Diamond 10® Technology — your floor will look newer, longer. Perfect for any room in your home. 

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What is Vinyl Sheet?

What is Vinyl Sheet?

Diamond 10 Technology

Diamond 10® Technology

It’s new. Revolutionary. And it’s made from one of the world's hardest substances: cultured diamonds. Innovative Diamond 10® Technology makes sheet vinyl flooring more scratch, scuff and stain resistant. It also repels dirt, making clean-up a breeze.

Diamond 10® Technology is featured on two of our vinyl sheet floor collections: Duality™ Premium and CushionStep™ Better

Choose Your Performance

Choose Your Performance

What are you looking for in a floor? (Beyond beautiful style, of course.) Compare durability and comfort features of our three key collections, then select the performance level you need. 

Felt-Backed and Stone-Backed Vinyl Flooring

We also offer vinyl sheet options for those who prefer traditional felt-based products or our proprietary StrataMax collection, which is limestone encapsulated felt. Browse other sheet options.

Choose Your Style

Choose Your Style

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