Flooring Trim & Molding

Why floor trim and molding are the essential finishing touch for any flooring project.

Flooring trim is a must-have design and installation component that often gets overlooked in the buying process. Discover the importance of these finishing touches and see all your options for luxury vinyl tile floors. 

Which Armstrong Flooring products have coordinating trim?

We offer coordinating trim and molding pieces for most of our floors. Many are an exact match, which means we've created a digital 1:1 match of the color and style, providing a seamless transition between flooring and trim.

Here are our products or product lines which offer coordinated or matching trim and molding. The specific types of trim available will vary depending on the product.

What types of flooring trim and molding are available?

Looking for flooring trim ideas? Armstrong Flooring offers several types of flooring trim and molding. Here's an overview of each piece, and how it can be used to complete your overall flooring design. Of course, always refer to the specific installation instructions provided with your particular flooring product.