La technologie Diamond 10 apporte une durabilité et une performance incomparables à la catégorie des carreaux de vinyle de luxe

Lancaster, Pa., March 23, 2016 Armstrong Commercial Flooring has harnessed the power of diamonds to offer the most scratch, stain and scuff-resistant luxury flooring in today’s marketplace. Diamond10 Technology delivers the strength of one of nature’s hardest substances to bring unmatched durability and performance to Armstrong’s commercial line of Natural Creations luxury flooring.

Designed for Demanding Commercial Environments
Backed by a 20-year limited warranty, Diamond10 Technology focuses on the unique design and durability needs of the retail and commercial markets while providing a broad spectrum of designs. With 88% of retailers expected to renovate at least one store location in 2016, this one-two punch of durability and design makes it possible to creatively integrate luxury flooring materials in high-traffic areas without the typical headaches.

This revolutionary flooring offers countless benefits including:

  • Ability to withstand rolling load traffic
  • No polish maintenance helps reduce cleaning time and disruptions
  • Conserves energy when light-reflective colors are specified
  • Contains no Orthophthalates, heavy metals, fly ash, flame retardants or antimicrobial pesticides
  • FloorScore® certified with low VOC emissions
  • Manufactured to the Armstrong Flooring Diamond Standard of Quality

Low Maintenance for Today’s Lifestyle
Diamond10 Technology doesn’t just protect the floor from scratches – it repels dirt and stain-causing agents without ever needing polished. This translates to lower maintenance costs and a reduced use of chemical polishes and cleanser to create a floor that looks fresh and new for years.          



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