Product Certifications

We believe the best decisions are informed decisions. That’s why we offer tools to help you choose the sustainability attributes that matter most. Our Health Product Declarations (HPDs) provide product content information, while our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provide third-party verified information about the environmental impacts of a product through its life cycle.

From high light-reflectance flooring and indoor environmental air quality to domestically manufactured products, we are proud to offer building materials that contribute to WELL Building Standard LEED and other Green Building Rating Systems. Learn more about how our products contribute to LEED 2009, LEED v4 and WELL.

Better Materials - Verified for LEED

Simplify your LEED project review by submitting a single document for flooring products. The Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI), which administers LEED and performs third-party technical reviews and verification of LEED-registered projects, is now pre-verifying products for LEED credits.

FloorScore Certification

FloorScore provides third-party certification that products are tested and comply with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH v1.1) Standard Method for Testing and Evaluating Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) Emissions. As part of FloorScore certification, manufacturing processes, supply chain, and chemical sources are verified and audited.

FloorScore® certified flooring products contribute to Low Emitting Material credits for the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED rating systems, Green Globes, Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), CALGreen and other sustainable building requirements. Floors bearing the FloorScore logo are recognized as contributing to good indoor air quality.


Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

An EPD provides third-party verified information about the life cycle environmental impacts of our products. An EPD can help you select the right product for your project by reporting on life cycle assessment details, from raw material extraction to disposal. The information provided in our EPDs is third-party certified per ISO 14025.


Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a standard format for reporting product ingredients developed by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative. An HPD is a valuable tool to incorporate health considerations as part of product selection, and it can be used as documentation to meet the requirements of certification systems and standards, including LEED and WELL.



Declare is a transparency platform, paired with an online database. A Declare label provides a list of ingredients for the purpose of transparency and helps to simplify product specification, especially for teams pursuing the Living Building Challenge.


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