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Safety Zone Sheet

Provides enhanced traction in a multitude of spaces, including wet barefoot areas up to 150 square feet. Ideal for lavatories, locker rooms, wet physical therapy spaces, and more.

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Safety Zone Tile

Made with an embossed surface embedded with proprietary particles for exceptional slip-retardant performance, with colors and patterns that provide hiding power against scuffs and scratches.

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Slip Retardant Flooring Product Structures

SRF Product Structure

Safety Zone Sheet

  1. Exclusive Surface made with Aluminum Oxide Particles
    • Embossed surface with aluminum oxide particles encapsulated in a polyurethane finish for enhanced traction
  2. Through-Pattern Wear Layer
    • Unique through-traction, -pattern, and –color wear layer for consistent appearance and performance over the life of the floor
SRF Product Structure

Safety Zone Tile

  1. Exclusive Textured, Particle-Enhanced Surface
    • Made with an embossed surface embedded with proprietary particle for exceptional slip-retardant properties
  2. Through-Pattern Wear Layer
    • Provides lasting performance, even under heavy traffic conditions