Flooring and Acoustics

Noise happens. Whether in healthcare, education, or residential housing, acoustics play an important role in nearly every sector of the market. The absorption and transmission of sound energy in a built environment is directly impacted by the type of construction and building materials selected. Flooring can play a positive role in achieving optimum indoor environmental quality for building occupants.

What is Airborne Sound?

Airborne sound is any sound that is transmitted through the air, like the sound of someone speaking. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a single number metric used to measure airborne sound and is a function of the entire assembly construction. The primary structural components (concrete slab, wood frame, etc.) and the manner of construction (stud spacing, wall thickness, etc.) are both significant factors in determining the STC of a floor or wall.

What is Structure Bourne Sound (IIC)?

Structure-borne noise is generated by sound sources in direct contact with the building structure, like someone walking across the floor or impact from a rolling cart. Impact Insulation Class (IIC) quantifies the impact sound insulation capabilities of a floor assembly. A high IIC rating means that occupants will not hear as much noise from the room above.

What is Delta Impact Insulation Class (∆IIC)? 

ASTM E-2179 (∆IIC), also known as the Delta test, determines the noise reduction that a product adds to the assembly. The Delta tests allows you to easily compare the contribution of one flooring product to another. STC and IIC results can only be compared if testing is done on the same substructure.

To hear the difference between an IIC rating of 33 and 53, click below. 

Comparing Results

The chart below compares results of our products tested on a 6” slab with no ceiling, unless otherwise noted. Contact us for more information or for results of products tested on different assemblies.

Products STC IIC ∆IIC
Rest & Refuge, 8 in. concrete, no ceiling 53 57 23
Natural Creations with Diamond 10 Technology and S-1840 Quiet Comfort Underlayment 51 52 22
Parallel USA 12 with S-1840 Quiet Comfort Underlayment 50 54 24
Parallel USA 20 with S-1840 Quiet Comfort Underlayment 51 53 22
Rejuvenations Restore with Diamond 10 Technology coating 53 50 21
Rigid Core Essentials 51 55 25
Rigid Core Vantage with S-1841 Quiet Comfort Underlayment 51 54 24

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