Flooring for Multi-Family

The Foundation for Everyday Life

The cross-section of designing for residential living and the need for commercial-level performance is a delicate balance. At Armstrong Flooring, our diverse portfolio simplifies the need to fashion a welcoming space, but offers durable and long-lasting beauty.

Whether it’s the living space, lobby, hallways, or common area, there’s a floor to meet design and performance expectations.

Spaces Include:

Apartment Complex

High-Rise Condominium

Public Housing

Military Housing

Top Considerations for Multi-Family Flooring

Rigid Core Flooring for Commercial Spaces

Rigid Core flooring is a rapidly growing category, and well-suited for commercial spaces. Learn more about what makes up Rigid Core flooring, and three reasons why it could be the right product for your project.

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The Truth About Static Load Limit Testing

Static load limit testing is a standard in the flooring industry, but not all tests are performed the same way. Learn more about modified testing, and how to consider results as part of your flooring decision.  

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How Flooring contributes to Managing Acoustics

Noise happens. As a designer, it’s important to understand the different types of building noises and the options for mitigation. Learn how flooring can play a positive role in sound blocking.

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Featured Multi-Family Inspiration

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Popular Multi-Family Flooring Solutions

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