Flooring and Safety

Product Safety & Responsibility

Responsible and sustainable products begin with respect for people and the environment. Through our Product Stewardship Framework, we create flooring products that are safe for our customers, employees, installers and the environment. 

Our robust Product Stewardship Program serves as both a compass and a gatekeeper for product responsibility. As a compass, our Product Stewardship Steering Committee sets material directives which prohibit or restrict the use of certain chemical content. As gatekeeper, all new products and product changes go through a Product Stewardship Design Review. This review includes product testing, content and claims.


Chemistry plays an essential role in product innovation and manufacturing. It can influence and elevate product performance and design; and it can affect sustainability of our products and processes.

Early in the development process, we review new and existing chemicals and formulations for human health and environmental hazards. Our focus goes well beyond regulated substances to identify and reduce the use of chemicals of concern.

See our Materials and Chemical Management Policy or check out our Health Product Declarations to learn more.

Antimicrobials & Infection Control

Based on research and recommendations from the United States Center for Disease Control, added antimicrobial treatments in products like flooring are not helpful and may even cause adverse health effects on people and the environment. Cleaning and disinfection protocols are the best way to mitigate the spread of infection. As a result, we do not offer products with added antimicrobials. We focus on the cleanability, ease of maintenance and stain resistance of our products to support healthy environments.



Wayfinding is the use of signage, color and other design elements to help occupants navigate a space. It can be a particularly important design consideration in multifaceted spaces like healthcare complexes or educational campuses. Wayfinding can be an effective tool to safely manage the movement and flow of people, encourage social distancing, improve user experience, and contribute to a sense of wellbeing and security. Flooring design – both with color and pattern – is one way to implement wayfinding to encourage preferred routes, establish natural transitions between spaces and differentiate between public and private areas.

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