Sheet Flooring FAQs

Why must sheet flooring be rolled?

Rolling pushes the flooring down into the adhesive and flattens the adhesive ridges. This assures contact with the adhesive and also assures the adhesive ridges will not show through the finished flooring. Rolling also pushes air out from beneath the flooring between the ridges left by the trowel notches. This assures no trapped air which may cause bubbles in the finished installation.

Why must flooring be conditioned before installation?

All materials expand or contract when atmospheric conditions change. In order for the flooring to expand or contract with the subfloor, it must be conditioned to the same atmospheric conditions.

I just finished cutting and finishing the seams of a dark-colored Corlon flooring. The seams appear to be whitened. What is this and how do I fix it?

This is called seam whitening and can occur from cutting and deburring the seam. This seam whitening effect can be easily eliminated by using an appropriate shade of paste wax or shoe polish or by gently rubbing the seam with 3 in 1 Oil.

What heat-welding nozzle will reduce scorching and a shiny appearance?

Use of a heat welding nozzle with a pre-heat feature will reduce scorching and the shiny appearance at seam.