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Clinic in a Can 

Segment: Healthcare
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Designer / Architect:

RAW Architecture


Clinic in a Can

ARMSTRONG FLOORING: Medintech with Diamond 10 Technology

Clinic in a Can, Providing a Lot of Care in a Little Space

It began as a side project, like so many great ideas often do. Born out of first-hand experiences, Michael Wawrzewski saw a need for affordable and relocatable healthcare during numerous trips to Central America, Africa, and throughout the United States. A physician’s assistant for 25 years, Wawrzewski began planning and tinkering with ideas to meet this overwhelming need. Over the course of two decades, Clinic in a Can slowly took the shape that it is today — a medical clinic in a shipping container.

Clinic in a Can provides economical, ready-to-use medical clinics that are versatile enough to function in various situations throughout the world. As a true turn-key solution, these clinics are ready to be used within minutes upon arrival while providing the necessary equipment and design to safely administer care.

“I saw a specific need in these visits around the country and to developing nations,” said Wawrzewski, owner of Clinic in a Can. “From underprivileged areas to disaster relief, there’s a real need for quality care without a lot of investment or upkeep. That’s been the driving force behind developing Clinic in a Can to what it is today, and how we can make a small difference in this world.”


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Product Featured in this Case Study

  • Desert Gold


    • Homogeneous Sheet
    • Medintech with Diamond 10 Technology