lvt Luxury Vinyl Tile Silk Scarf Black Silver: NC715

  • Product Details
Item Number NC715
Collection Natural Creations with I-Set
Color Black Silver
Size 457 mm x 914 mm x 4 mm
Design Silk Scarf
Shape Rectangle


When Benjamin Franklin shared his “time is money” wisdom with a young, earnest tradesman in 1748 he likely did not envision a connection with commercial flooring solutions, but through the years customers have shared with us how important it is to have aesthetically pleasing, durable flooring options for those times and places that need to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. That’s why the innovative design team at Armstrong Flooring created the Natural Creations Luxury Flooring with the I-Set Installation System.

Inspired by our most popular designs, Armstrong’s proprietary I-Set Installation System for commercial spaces offers an all-in-one solution for you to use in spaces that require quick installation and return of the revenue-generating space to immediate operational status.


General Specifications
Item Number NC715
Item Name Silk Scarf Black Silver
Collection Natural Creations with I-Set
Visual Specifications
Color Black Silver
Design Silk Scarf
Shape Rectangle
Performance Specifications
Light Reflectance 10-14%
Physical Specifications

For Size: 457 mm x 914 mm x 4 mm Rectangle

Pieces per Carton 8
Coverage Per Carton

36 square feet
3.34451 square meters

Installation Method I-Set Installation System

Coordinated Accessories

Trims & Moldings

Coordinating Wall Base Colors

Adhesives & Seam Treatments

Strong System

Rolled Underlayments

Cleaners, Polishes, & Sealers