het Heterogeneous Sheet Impresso Batiste: 38532

  • Product Details
Item Number 38532
Collection Rejuvenations Ambigu with Diamond 10 Technology
Color Batiste
Size 2 m x 25 m x 2 mm
Design Impresso


Armstrong Flooring’s Rejuvenations Ambigu Collection combines textures and patterns to create a rich textile look. Coordinated visuals complement each other and create continuity from space to space in neutral beiges and gray tones. This collection is ideal for use in healthcare applications looking for soothing, biophilic designs, education spaces commanding beautiful visuals that also stand up to the day-to-day demands of this environment, or corporate spaces seeking concrete visuals with resilient benefits. As part of Continuum™ Solutions, Ambigu works seamlessly with other Armstrong Commercial Flooring products to create beautiful, coordinated spaces, allowing you to choose the right flooring structure for the space you are designing without compromising your vision.

Featuring Diamond 10 Technology

Using cultured diamonds with all the properties of natural diamonds, Ambigu with Diamond 10 Technology provides the highest scratch, stain and scuff resistance in the industry and keep your floors looking newer longer.

Heterogeneous Sheet with Diamond 10 Technology

Diamond 10 Technology provides an enhanced level of performance, standing up to commercial demands such as heavy traffic and staining to keep floors beautiful for years to come.


General Specifications
Item Number 38532
Item Name Impresso Batiste
Collection Rejuvenations Ambigu with Diamond 10 Technology
Visual Specifications
Color Batiste
Design Impresso
Shape Sheet
Performance Specifications
Light Reflectance 35-39%
Physical Specifications
Installation Method Full spread