Flooring for Retail

Design and Performance that Mean Business

From boutiques to mass merchants, retail businesses require a unique blend of prioritizing both design and performance. With our portfolio of products, you always get both.

Design for your brand with stunning visuals and a wide color palette across all flooring types, creating an atmosphere that attracts customers and encourages repeat visits. Want a custom design to make your brand unforgettable? At Armstrong Flooring, we have the flooring for that.

We take pride in providing flooring that holds up to the masses of foot traffic, while relying industry-leading scratch, stain, and scuff resistance to keep your floors looking newer, longer.

Spaces Include:


Grocery Stores

Mass Merchants

Top Considerations for Retail Flooring

What Role Do Flooring Products Play in Indoor Air Quality?

We spend a lot of our time indoors — up to 90% of our day, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Learn why it's critical for architects and designers to understand how the materials they specify can affect indoor air quality.

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Rigid Core Flooring for Commercial Spaces

Rigid Core flooring is a rapidly growing category, and well-suited for commercial spaces. Learn more about what makes up Rigid Core flooring, and three reasons why it could be the right product for your project.

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Four Myths about Concrete in Commercial Spaces

Interest in concrete surfaces – whether countertops, furniture, or flooring – have increased in recent years. Take a closer look at four misconceptions that are driving the trend.

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