Case Study South Fulton Medical Center

Project Details
Project: South Fulton Medical Center
Segment: Healthcare
Location: East Point, Georgia
ARMSTRONG FLOORING: Striations with Diamond 10 Technology Coating

High-End Looks Create a Successful Cafeteria Makeover

It’s a design dilemma as old as the ages. How do you create a distinctive, unique space with high-end products? Usually the answer is a compromise. However the duo behind the South Fulton Medical Center cafeteria renovation don’t think they sacrificed sophisticated styling by using a value-priced commercial flooring product for their project. In fact, “Striations BBT Bio-flooring provided the high-end look we were working to achieve, plus it fit within our budget when other products did not,” said Wayne Boutwell, South Fulton’s director of facilities management. His partner on the project, interior designer Carmen Yaughn, ASID, WMA Architects, Macon, GA., agreed, adding, “This was the first time we used Striations BBT. Our opinion of the product is that it was the best choice for this project for both looks and cost, and it produced the exact outcome we were expecting.

Doing a Lot with a Little

South Fulton Medical Center provides healthcare services for the families of South Fulton County and surrounding areas. When it was constructed in 1963, this state-of-the-art facility showcased the latest in medical innovation to support the rapidly growing Southern Crescent area of metro Atlanta. Today, South Fulton continues the tradition of excellence with progressive medical technology and an expert staff, plus an approach to medical care that is as comforting as it is exceptional. So, for South Fulton’s recent cafeteria makeover project, it was important to facility management to select reasonably-priced flooring that was in keeping with their carefully-crafted image.

The “upscale” design-on-a-budget goal proved to be no obstacle. Yaughn said, “We were challenged to work within a modest budget to create an aesthetically pleasing space with an updated, contemporary feel. The price point and look of Striations BBT were the two main reasons we chose this product. Now that the project is complete, we believe it looks great and are very pleased with the outcome. We received many positive comments; the upgrading of the space has made it much more inviting and comfortable.

The Sustainable, Durable Option

Although this project had no environmental goals, STRIATIONS BBT Bio-flooring benefits, like the non-PVC construction and rapidly renewable plant ingredients, made it the perfect sustainable choice. STRIATIONS BBT Bio-flooring meets many environmental organizations’ requirements and certifications including stringent low VOC emissions, FloorScore®, CDPH Standard Method V.11-2010, and LEED® EQ Low-Emitting Materials Credit.

South Fulton’s 2,400 square foot cafeteria is subject to more than it’s fair share of heavy foot traffic, along with the physical demands created by moving tables and chairs, dropped plates, sharp eating utensils, rolling carts, and more. STRIATIONS BBT Bio-flooring was a good choice for this demanding space because it offered crack and indent resistance which will result in a long product life.

Weaving a Unique Design

Yaughn was able to create an interesting pattern in the floor by taking advantage of the STRIATIONS BBT Bio-flooring 12 in. x 24 in. rectangular shape. She explained, “We wanted a rectangular shaped floor tile that had a unique design that would create a distinctive feel for the space. We chose Striations BBT ‘honey’ and ‘midnight’ colors to create a herringbone pattern that met our goal. The colors fit beautifully and complemented the new color scheme throughout the cafeteria.” Boutwell said, “We wanted something unique with a higherend look. We did not want this job to be just another basic tile installation. The herringbone pattern provided that aesthetic quality we were looking for. We feel the finished floor was, and is, a huge success, and is a critical component in making over our cafeteria.”

Although this was Yaughn’s first experience designing with STRIATIONS BBT Bio-flooring, she has prior experience designing with other Armstrong flooring products. “Armstrong products are always of great quality, easy to maintain and the sales staff are always very helpful with any questions or samples we may need.”

Customer Satisfaction

Boutwell said, the floor has received only positive reviews from South Fulton’s staff and visitors. He explained, “Striations BBT Bio-flooring provided us with value and the look we were working to achieve. Much of the credit goes to Carmen Yaughn for recommending the floor to us, and Atlanta Flooring and Design Center in Suwannee, GA for doing a very good job installing it. Everyone on this project could not be more pleased with the results.”

Armstrong has been helping designers and facility managers solve their interior design challenges for more than 150 years. Armstrong flooring is known for mixing aesthetics with practicality for healthcare, retail, hospitality, office, education and other commercial spaces. The result of these efforts is to develop and always recommend the right floor for the right space. The products in the company’s bio-flooring family offer choices that are beautiful, budget-friendly and made in the USA.

Products Featured in this Case Study

  • Honey


    • Bio-Flooring
    • Striations BBT with Diamond 10 Technology
  • Midnight


    • Bio-Flooring
    • Striations BBT with Diamond 10 Technology