Case Study Bruce Monroe at Parkview Elementary School

Project Details
Project: Bruce Monroe at Parkview Elementary School 
Segment: Education
Location: Washington, DC
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Sorg Architects 
ARMSTRONG FLOORING: Striations with Diamond 10 Technology Coating

Modern Renovation Welcomes Kids Back to Historic School

Located in a circa 1916 building, Bruce Monroe is a perfect example of how two different architectural styles complement each other. The exterior features traditional brick and limestone ornamentation including decorative quoins and crenellation along the parapet. The interior, renovated in 2012, is bright, minimalist and modern. Sorg Architects succeeded in maintaining the 74,000 square foot building’s historic grace while providing a new, state of the art learning environment. They specified a recently introduced Armstrong floor product—STRIATIONS BBT Bio-flooring —for all of the classrooms and many of the corridors. Interior Designer Marcela Diaz says, “This was the first time we used Striations BBT, and our client, the DC Public School System, loves the results. Even the children are taking notice of the new floors. They wrote us letters that are very warm and touching, expressing how happy they feel, and in many cases called us their role models. This is the ultimate inspiration.”

Priority One—Performance

Floors play an important performance role in the heart of the school—the classrooms. The project’s flooring contractor, Satar Amini, “strongly recommended” Striations BBT Bio-flooring  to Sorg based on his prior experience with the product. He explains, “We had issues with other manufacturers’ flooring, such as buckling, expanding and not bonding to the subfloor. We had no problems with Striations BBT. In fact, there was a bad rainstorm the night following our Striations BBT installation in one of Bruce Monroe’s classrooms. The windows were left open and there was standing water on top of the new floor. We removed the water, cleaned the floor and it never buckled or came unglued.”

Diaz says aesthetics are important role, too, and she likes Striations BBT Bio-flooring's subtle pattern. “We wanted a clean and modern palette that allowed teachers to personalize their classrooms. Striations BBT’s accents are particularly fresh and modern and pick up the classroom door colors,” Diaz says. She specified two, tinted-white patterns for the corridors and three, darker-color patterns for the classrooms.

Environmentally Friendly Plus Friendly Service

Diaz says environmental goals are “a given” for any DC Public School project. Striations BBT Bio-flooring easily meets that mandate. It is made with Armstrong’s exclusive BioStride®, a polymer made from rapidly renewable, U.S.-grown plant materials. The tile also contains 10% pre-consumer recycled content and 85% natural limestone.

Striations BBT Bio-flooring is a great product, but it’s also supported by Armstrong’s outstanding customer service. Lien Chu is the Executive Marketing Representative for the Washington, DC areas. Diaz says, “Lien is exceptional. She is quick, efficient and very active in giving us the necessary tools, whether we need samples or product literature.” Amini also offers high praise for the regional Armstrong floor distributor. “J.J. Haines is a great company to work with. I have never had an issue with any of my projects, from ordering to receiving and installation of materials,” he says.