Case Study Grand Central Bagel Cafe

Project Details
PROJECT:   Grand Central Bagel Cafe
SEGMENT:   Retail
LOCATION:   Lancaster, PA
ARMSTRONG FLOORING:   Natural Creations Diamond 10 Technology ArborArt

Grand Central Bagel Cafe,
a Spot for the Locals

Grand Central Bagel Cafe, located in Lancaster, PA, is a popular local shop serving freshly baked bagels, in addition to a breakfast menu and deli lunch options. The cafe recently renovated its flooring for the first time since the business opened in 1995, when owner Janae Smiley chose to keep the floors she inherited with the building. To update the interior, Smiley and store manager Deb Salyards worked with Armstrong Flooring to review samples and talk through the needs for Grand Central Bagel. 

Watch our video case study to see how the cafe created a beautiful, modern space using Natural Creations Luxury Flooring with Diamond 10 Technology, and learn why a couple years after install, the floors still look as new as the day they were put in.