Case Study Franklin Elementary School

Project Details
Project: Franklin Elementary School 
Segment: Education
Location: Williamson Country, TN
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Facility Supervisor Chip Sternenberg 
ARMSTRONG FLOORING: Natural Creations with Diamond 10 Technology
Photos: Tonda McKay

The Next Chapter in School Flooring

Located in Williamson County, TN, Franklin Elementary School was undergoing a significant upgrade. It would be significant, certainly, for the school itself. But in addition, the facility enhancements – from safety to general aesthetics – were to serve as a model for improvements to the district’s seven other schools.

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Design Meets Performance for Education Projects

When you think of flooring materials for education projects, fresh and modern luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that mimics textiles, textures and natural wood might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s exactly what embellishes the hallways, classrooms and offices of the Franklin Elementary School in Williamson County, Tennessee. Aside from minor repairs and touchups, the school had not seen significant renovations since its original construction in 1952. Thanks to a well-timed conversation about flooring and an unexpected change in plans, the building now features a design-forward and unified blend of LVT. The resulting installation created a light, airy and distinctly upscale experience for students, teachers and administrators. The design transformation is the most visible change, but the new floor also requires significantly less maintenance, which will save the district time and money for decades to come.

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