Case Study Centennial Medical Plaza

Project Details
Project: Centennial Medical Plaza
Segment: Healthcare
Location: Centennial, Colorado
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Gregory Menke, Director of Facilities Management, The Medical Center of Aurora

Spa-Like Design Helps Puts Patients at Ease in Radiation-Oncology Suite

Few things in life are as traumatic as cancer. The disease, plus the ensuing radiation and chemotherapy treatments, is very stressful. So, why add to a patient’s anxiety with a sterile-looking environment? That was the question hospital management at Centennial Medical Center asked themselves when their state of the art radiation-oncology suite needed was being developed and planned. They made the conscious decision to diverge from typical clinical design and instead create a soothing spa-like experience for their patients. Their search for flooring that would contribute to a serene environment led them to Armstrong NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring, a luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Gregory Menke, Centennial’s director of facilities management, says, “The Armstrong LVT products perfectly solved our design challenges. The patterns and colors chosen for the space are natural and luxurious. Instead of receiving treatment in a typical white and gray place, patients experience a soothing and natural healing environment.”

On Trend but Ageless

The city of Centennial honors Colorado’s admission to the Union as the 38th state in 1876, the centennial year of the United States Declaration of Independence. The citizens in this area of Arapahoe County have received quality medical care at the Centennial Medical Plaza since 1985, when the healthcare facility was constructed. Focusing on personalized care provided by experienced professionals, Centennial Medical Plaza is recognized as a national leader in patient, physician and employee satisfaction. When Centennial’s radiation-oncology suite needed renovation and expansion in 2011 to accommodate a new linear accelerator, the construction project provided the perfect opportunity for hospital management to incorporate cutting-edge interior design to improve patient wellbeing.

Gregory says the design inspiration for the new radiology-oncology suite was a divergence from “typical sterile hospital design choices. To avoid bland design, we wanted warm, natural-looking materials. The desire was to make sure the style was on-trend, but classic enough to last a long time. Armstrong’s NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring products are on-trend, yet still hold true to a classic, ageless style.”

Three NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring products—Mystix, EarthCuts and ArborArt—were specified for installations. Mystix is an inspired collection of contemporary graphic designs. EarthCuts features natural stone surface characteristics and color variations. ArborArt portrays natural wood graining and color variations with hand-scraped and rustic textures to clearly convey each wood’s true character. The coordinating visuals plus multiple tile and plank sizes allow for mixing and matching across the collection. Gregory says, “The NATURAL CREATIONS patterns complemented each other efficiently well to create an organic, spa-like space while still maintaining timelessness.”

High Style for High Traffic Areas

Hospital clinics are typically renovated once every ten years, so Centennial management insisted on floors that would maintain their good looks for the long term. Durability was a key concern in high traffic, high visibility areas like main corridors. Gregory says, “NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring was specified and installed in the high-traffic corridor areas because of Armstrong’s reputation of providing products with high durability. Other flooring used in the hospital shows wear and tear quickly. Where Armstrong products have been installed, they maintain the original look and feel even after they endure high traffic, liquids and daily maintenance.”

Gregory cites his prior experience with NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring as a reason why this product was selected for this project. He says he was directly influenced by how NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring is performing in the facilities’ medical-surgical unit. “It has been two years since installation, and the product still retains that new look.”

NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring is one of Armstrong’s newer collections that continues the company’s legacy of providing customers with products that have long-lasting performance, but in a flexible-to-install format. The product’s durable, abrasion-resistant wear layer provides years of good looks. The UV-cured urethane coating may eliminate the need for polishes and spray buffing in some applications, saving time and cost. NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring truly answers the need for the best of design and technology in one product. And, installing with Armstrong S-543 High Moisture Adhesive reduces the wait time for installation and reduces the need for moisture remediation systems.

Trusted Partners

Speaking of reducing wait time, busy hospitals can’t afford to be “down” for long. Some medical areas work on a 24/7 timeframe. So, it was important to Centennial to work with a company that was highly motivated to not only provide the right products, but to do so without any delivery snafus. Armstrong helped Centennial complete this construction project in a timely manner and with stellar customer service. Gregory explains, “The hospital’s Armstrong representative, Susan Thornton, was great to work with. When asked for information or samples, she was expedient and responsive with the hospital’s time-sensitive projects. She is always courteous, willing to help and well educated in all Armstrong products. Any time we need more information and need to call Armstrong directly, we are met with the same quality of characteristics seen in Thornton. It is clear that Armstrong knows the value of its product, employees and customers.” Welcoming and Wayfinding

Gregory says the new radiation-oncology space is by far the best design project he has worked on at Centennial. He says staff, patients, visitors and vendors validate the design goal was met when they use words such as relaxing, breathtaking, calming and welcoming. The floor, in particular, receives high accolades. The installation pattern also assists with wayfinding. Gregory explains, “The soothing, natural look creates an organic and flowing feeling, while the structured floor pattern helps to direct patients and staff throughout the space.”

Armstrong in Affiliated Healthcare Projects

Armstrong building products are also installed in the Aurora facility. The Emergency Department-Triage and Intensive Care Unit use Armstrong MetalWorks Axiom Cloud Systems overhead for sound dampening. Gregory says the clouds create a relaxing, quiet and visually interesting atmosphere. He reports the space receives positive feedback from the nurses who work within the space.

Gregory says Armstrong is his first consideration for healthcare flooring product selection because of the large variety of colors, patterns, materials, products and applications. “The flexibility in choosing several different types of flooring and using them within the same space allows for more variety and design freedom.” One Hundred Years Plus

As an interesting parallel with “Centennial,” Armstrong World Industries has more than a century of experience in the flooring industry. In 1909, Thomas Armstrong built a new flooring factory in a cornfield on the edge of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Back then the company made linoleum, and still does today. The current flooring portfolio includes one of the largest selections available in the flooring industry, with thousands of commercial choices in LVT, linoleum, resilient sheet and tile, hardwood, laminate, bio-based tile and specialty product lines.