Parallel Lines by Candice Held

Design 3: Parallel Lines

In collaboration for spring 2019, Armstrong Flooring partnered with designer Candice Held to create inspiring and on-trend flooring designs. This is the third in a series of four designs.

Parallel Lines was created on a simple premise: introduce color and simplify it. Using just six SKUs, Parallel Lines proves that eye-catching graphics are maximized with the right palette of colors. Leaning on Standard Excelon colors Bubblegum and Lemon Lick, Parallel Lines puts on a sunny, summer display indoors.



Inspiration for the VCT Design

Parallel Lines by Candice Held

The Parallel Lines colorway that we created with Armstrong VCT is sunny, it’s rosy, it’s warm — it just makes you feel like summer.

Parallel Lines by Blondie — the 1978 album cover serves as a springboard for this Candice design, from the linear visuals and title name all the way to the hair color. Fast forward to present day, and the color pink is having its moment across several design disciplines — fashion, art, interior design — and Parallel Lines put the rosy color on full display.

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