VCT Design Contest

Pushing the Limits of VCT Design
Bright and vibrant schools. Healthcare facilities bursting with positive energy. Retail shops showcasing eye-popping color. These are the types of spaces that came to life through Armstrong Flooring’s VCT Design Contest. Our Design Team carefully reviewed each entry for visual appeal, creativity, and practicality. 

And the Winner is …

Congratulations to our winning entry:
Jenna Niemann, Klingner & Associates
Quincy, Illinois
Segment: Education

From Our Design Team:
“Jenna captured the right balance of energy, creativity, and safety — three elements of design that are critical for a productive learning environment. She used our VCT products in an innovative way, and extrapolated the floor design to every surface of the school resulting in a comprehensive and powerful finished product.”

Jenna’s Inspiration:
“Clear wayfinding was a key design piece, established through the use of bright colors and shapes assigned to each grade.”



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Norfolk, Virginia
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tacoma, Washington
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Kathleen Cloud, M. Frank Higgins & Co.
Newington, Connecticut
Segment: Museum

Rebecca Jourdan, Shive-Hattery Architecture + Engineering
Moline, Illinois
Segment: Education 

Carrie Estock, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Fairfax, Virginia
Segment: Education 

Emilie Diggs, Meticulous Design + Architecture
Indianapolis, Indiana
Segment: Retail

Ross Anderson, LSE Architects
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Segment: Education 

Matthew Varley, BOTTEGA miscellanea
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Segment: Corporate Office

Ashley Stahl, Design Innovations
Birmingham, Alabama
Segment: Healthcare

Carmen Costinescu, C2G Design
Columbus, Ohio
Segment: Retail