A Winning Combination of Beauty

Nidra and Zenscape heterogeneous sheet flooring offers a superior blend of design and durability, featuring a range of wood and textile visuals perfect for healthcare and education environments. These designs can be combined or used individually to create harmonious and therapeutic spaces. As part of our continuum solutions, they also seamlessly integrate with other product categories, including VCT.

Combine with our Vinyl Composition Tile to create a space with beauty and durable construction for high-traffic areas, while flowing linear patterns and non-directional visuals effectively mask scuffs and soil. With decades of proven performance, VCT is a classic, economical value with a low carbon footprint.

Nidra and Zenscape feature patented Diamond Technology that keeps floors looking new longer, with exceptional scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. Additionally, it offers a no-polish option for a truly low-maintenance solution. Plus, Nidra and Zenscape are easy to heat-weld and flash cove, making it ideal for spaces requiring superior infection control.