Article Squareness Test for Tile Products

Learn about our Floor Tile Squareness Test and why it’s important to help ensure easy installation and minimize the risk of callbacks. 

Squareness Test

Vinyl Composition Tile

Visit our test lab and listen to Tom Erisman, Senior Research Scientist, describe how we conduct the Floor Tile Squareness Test. 

Armstrong Flooring’s R&D experts conduct a battery of performance tests on all of our products to ensure they install properly and perform as designed. Through rigorous testing, we maintain the high standard of quality that our customers have come to expect from Armstrong. And while every manufacturer tests their products, you should know that our testing standards are more demanding than ASTM standards and those of our competitors for comparable products.

The Squareness Test is one of our quality tests. It’s applied to all of our tile products. This test measures floor tiles for consistent size and squareness.

Why Is Floor Tile Squareness Important?

Flooring contractors and installers want to install commercial tile floors quickly and easily, then pack up their equipment and head off to the next job site. If the flooring tiles are perfectly square, the installation can go smoothly. But if there’s run-off, where the corners or edges don’t meet, that means costly delays and downtime. If the contractor moves ahead with installing tiles that aren’t perfectly square, the visual appearance of the entire floor suffers, and ultimately, there will be callbacks.

The Squareness Test ensures:

  • The architect or designer doesn’t have to chase installation issues
  • The general contractor stays on schedule
  • The flooring contractor gets the job done on time
  • The building owner is able to make the space functional right away

For peace of mind and a perfect installation every time, trust Armstrong Flooring.

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