Hospitality Design Trends

1.) The Power of Print: Visitors are gravitating toward spaces with character and depth. Print and pattern is one way to create a bold and memorable interior – one that conveys your brand message to guests.

2.) Comfort & Warmth: Natural details add texture and warmth and create a more organic look that produces a sense of calmness, relaxation and wellness – a most welcome vibe for guests seeking an escape.

3.) Energized Interiors: Energy can transform a physical space. Catalyze an exchange of positive energy between tangible and intangible with purposeful, playful movement of color. Texture and pastel tones can help uplift and invigorate guests.

4.) Clean Simplicity: Beyond design and color, the function of interior finishes are equally important. They need to be easy to clean – and disinfect – to support a comfortable environments for guests. Products like LVT and Rigid Core are gaining in popularity for this reason.