Our hardwood is designed to maintain its strength and beauty through all types of activities.


Meet the King of Chopping

Whether selecting, chopping, cutting, or generally imposing her will on wood, Martha perfectly represents the refined beauty and world-class toughness of our hardwood products.

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The New Look of Tough

The New Look of Tough


Choosing the Right Hardwood Floor

Which hardwood is perfectly, unmistakably you? That depends on everything from where the room is to the aesthetic you’re going for. It sounds like a lot to consider, but getting your footing is easy with our Hardwood Flooring Guide.

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The Power of Paragon

Introducing Paragon™ Solid Hardwood with Diamond 10® Technology. A hardwood floor you can really live on – with the ultimate protection from scratches and the natural strength of 100% Solid Appalachian hardwood.

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Turn Your Floor into the Ultimate Stage

Explore our star performing flooring products including our latest innovation, Diamond 10 Technology.

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