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Weathered Beach Wood laminate flooring in the living room - L3080

Coastal Living Patina Laminate

Unexpected metal, concrete and wood looks, weathered by the elements.

Beauty Molded by Nature

Weathered driftwood, burnished metal, water-worn concrete. Coastal Living laminate invites these unexpected elements indoors, setting the tone for easy living with extraordinary style.

stylish laminate flooring in the kitchen - Sea Wall/Tidal Wall L3082

multiple layers of Coastal Living Patina laminate floors

Outer Protection & Inner Strength

Our VisionGuard® wear surface is easy to clean and protects the floor against scratches, surface spills, stains, fading, scrapes and wear-through. Perfect for active households. Our HydraCore™ Plus high-performance core helps provide stability, lasting durability and moisture resistance. Plus, it gives your floor a more substantial feel with optimum sound absorption.

  1. Wear Layer

  2. Design Layer

  3. Inner Core

  4. Backing

Laminate on Your Walls

It’s time to fall in love with your walls. This trend-setting look transforms any wall to create a unique visual statement. Imagine the possibilities in your space: an entire laminate accent wall, wainscoting or even a smaller design feature.

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try installing laminate flooring on your wall - Architectural Remnants - Woodland Reclaim Old Original Dark L3101

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