hickory solid hardwood flooring for the living room - Eagle Landing - APH5403

Prime Harvest

Best In Class Beauty

Same Style, Different Floors

Most options are available in both solid and engineered construction. As a suggestion, you could put engineered wood flooring in your basement and solid throughout the rest of the house, for a consistent look on every level.

Prime Harvest hardwood available in both solid and engineered for max variety

Which Wood Reflects Your Style?

Oak grain is pronounced and instantly recognizable. Maple is modern and elegant with clean, understated graining. Hickory has straight and wavy grains for a bolder, varied look.

choose from species like oak and hickory to fit your style

Multiple Widths Available

Width can dramatically effect the look and feel of a room. Narrow strips create long lines and convey classic, timeless style. Wider planks are an on-trend look, bringing a sense of openness and modernity to a room.

Prime Harvest hardwood available in narrow and wide widths

Made in the USA

Solid hardwood flooring is built using superior craftsmanship and high-grade Appalachian hardwood — for planks that are consistent in color and less likely to warp or bow over time.

canyon gray maple solid hardwood in kitchens - APM3408

A Spectrum of Colors

From white-washed taupe to the deepest grays, the Prime Harvest collection is offered in a range of colors to help you achieve your design vision. Choose from low, medium or high gloss styles.

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