Artesian Whisper Brown engineered hardwood in a living room - EMW6321

Artesian Hand-Tooled

Rich Hardwood with a Rustic, Vintage Style

Rustic Beauty

Domestic exotic woods Birch, Walnut and Hickory are featured in this collection for the striking effect of unique graining combined with deep scraped texture. The most dramatic rustic look can be found in our Hickory styles, where rough grain is accentuated by a color brushed treatment.

rustic look with hardwood floors in the living room - Hickory Engineered Hardwood - Barrel Brown EMW6302

1/2" Thick Engineered Structure

Layered construction features a wood top, wood backing and a strong, stable core. It's a durable choice for most rooms in the house, including moisture-prone basements. You can even install over concrete subfloors or radiant heating.

birch engineered hardwood in the dining room - Artesian Steel Brown EMW6312

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