Natural Attraction oak solid hardwood in the living room - SAKAR59L402X

Appalachian Ridge

Taking Natural Warmth to New Heights

Beauty that Transcends the Typical

Scraped and brushed artisan effects are harmonized with gentle sanding to create a refined, tactile canvas – brought to life with carefully selected stains and color washes.

Beauty that Transcends: Great Smoky oak solid hardwood for the living room - SAKAR59L409X

Durable Strength of Solid Hardwood

Appalachian Ridge is proudly made in the USA and constructed exclusively from 100% solid premium Appalachian hardwood, prized for denser, more stable wood with a tighter grain and rich color. Its organic beauty, strength and quality provide the durability needed to last a lifetime.

Elevated Beauty

Harvested wood is brought to life by celebrating its most treasured qualities. Discover the subtlety and sophistication of Appalachian Ridge.

  • dark solid oak hardwood for the family room - SAKAR59L409X
  • Beartown oak solid hardwood for the kitchen - SAKAR59L407X
  • oak solid hardwood for the family room - Natural Attraction SAKAR59L402X

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