2018 Flooring Design Trends

Considering a home improvement project? Whether you’re looking to refresh a room or undergoing a major renovation, our designers round up top design trends to consider – and how to embrace them with your flooring.

Today’s homes are becoming a reflection of the unique personality, style and trend preference of the homeowner. From industrial to transitional to eclectic, design options are virtually limitless and a floor can serve as the focal point of a room. When it comes to what’s trending in flooring, here’s what we’re seeing on the horizon.

Into the Woods

Hardwood and wood-look flooring has a natural appeal that complements a wide range of styles. With seemingly limitless color options – from deep, rich browns to contemporary grays – you’ll have no trouble finding an option that works in your space.


There’s been a resurgence of interior decorating that’s dawn from the past, seeking inspiration from different eras while layering in modern elements for an unexpected experience. This trend includes vintage design, often reinvented with current colors, and worn or incomplete.


Global Glance

When designing for interior spaces, the world can be your inspiration. Drawn from cultures across the world – from rich tapestries to local cuisine – this trend can create a space that’s exotic, warm and authentic. 

Stimulation of Senses

Color has always been a force when it comes to design choice, but texture is becoming just as important. Texture is tactile, visually stimulating and adds interest to a room.

Inspired by Nature

Bring elements of nature into your home to create a peaceful and welcoming space you won’t want to leave. 


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