Hybrid / Rigid Core Flooring

Skilfully engineered Vinyl Flooring with enhanced Rigid Core construction for people who desire beautifully authentic design that will withstand the test of time. 

The Rigid Core technology extends a sturdy wood floor feel to a vinyl.   

A combination of unmatched durability, realistic textures and inspiring visuals to bring you flooring that meets your lifestyle demands. 

33 Rigid Core Products

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What to Know Before You Shop

Exclusive to Armstrong Flooring, we have combined the best attributes from a range of flooring products to give PRYZM the ultimate dent, scratch and stain resistance. The heavy weight of appliances and furniture will not affect PRYZM, and daily wear and tear from pets, kids and high heels are no match. As you explore our PRYZM range, here are a few things it may be helpful to know. 

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