Our Values

Why Our Values Matter


 Our founder Thomas Armstrong once supplied corks to a customer who provided a special soft drink for a street festival in Pittsburgh. The soft drinks went bad, and the customer blamed Armstrong’s corks.

Armstrong replaced all of the soft drink – even though the drinks going sour likely had little to do with the corks. This was a costly decision for a new business in the late 1800s, but he did it to preserve his reputation, stand behind his product and make his name synonymous with trust. The news spread all over Pittsburgh and people learned if the supplier was Armstrong, the buyer could have faith.

Armstrong adopted that motto, “let the buyer have faith,” and put his name on every bag of corks along with a written guarantee of quality.

Our brand is more than 155 years old. We believe one of the reasons we have stood the test of time is our devotion to our operating principles and our commitment to acting responsibly and with integrity everywhere we work.

Our Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct applies to all Armstrong Flooring employees, officers and directors.