Armstrong Flooring believes all injuries are preventable and we are unconditionally committed to the health and safety of our employees, which is why Safety as one of our core values.  Safety is more than a workplace initiative for us; it is part of a larger culture of caring for our employees and their families.

Our Approach

Safety is core to how we operate, and we integrate safety into our culture everyday through:

  • Management leadership
  • Commitment to personal accountability
  • Risk management and elimination
  • Performance improved through world-class safety and health systems

Through a range of approaches, we engage all our employees to foster an environment of health and safety. Together, we work to identify hazards, and then reduce the risk of injury by eliminating or controlling those hazards. We believe this commitment enhances employees’ quality of life, and that we share the responsibility to help each other stay safe.

Employees are provided with regular health and safety training and each is responsible for performing their job safely and for reporting potential workplace hazards or unsafe conditions. We encourage our staff to carry the health and safety knowledge they gain at work into their personal lives, to their families, homes, and communities.

We measure the effectiveness of our health and safety programs using a variety of metrics. While not the only measurement of program success, the Armstrong Flooring Recordable Incident Rate is depicted in the graph below. This rate reflects injuries and illnesses, or lost workdays, per 100 full-time workers. We strive to continuously improve this rate year on year.

In response to an increase in our incident rate, Armstrong Flooring has updated our safety investigation process, revitalized our safety committees and expanded employee safety engagements.