PRYZM LVT & Woodland Relics Hardwood Win 2017 GOOD DESIGN™ Award

Lancaster, Pa. (January 5, 2018) – Armstrong Flooring, North America’s largest producer of wood and resilient flooring products, is excited to announce that two of its newest flooring products – PRYZM  luxury flooring and Woodland Relics engineered hardwood – have been honored with a 2017 GOOD DESIGN™ Award. This prestigious award emphasizes quality design of the highest form, function and aesthetic. “Design, performance and innovation have been at the core of the Armstrong Flooring brand for well over 150 years,” said Joe Bondi, senior vice president and senior product officer, Armstrong Flooring. “We are honored to be recognized with an award as prestigious as GOOD DESIGN for our commitment to superior product design in the flooring category. The fact that we have won an award in each of the product categories in which we participate makes this a double honor.”

PRYZM has an innovative hybrid structure that starts at the top with a commercial-grade wear surface that resists scratches, gouges and dents better than the vinyl wear layers found on other MLF products. Since vinyl by its nature is softer, the harder more durable wear surface on PRYZM allows its beautiful wood designs to look better longer, and really separates into a class of its own! Additionally, PRYZM touts all the benefits expected of a solid polymer core product: an ultra-dense and dimensionally stable core, waterproof structure and an acoustical cork underlayment to manage minor subfloor irregularities and for greater sound absorption.

Woodland Relics™ captures the essence of reclaimed, weathered wood, as random and varied as nature itself. Every plank is uniquely crafted using hand-staining, sanding and woodworking techniques that showcase abundant textures and tones. The collection includes a varied sampling of multiple species, widths, colors and textures, all of which are mixed together in random fashion to create a highly custom look. In every box, there is a unique combination of Birch, Hickory and Oak species, varied width (3”, 5” and 7-1/2”), long length (up to 7’) planks and beautiful surface treatments including Wire Brushed, Scraped, Straight and Circular Saw Marks and Tool Mark Texture, to create a truly one-of-a-kind floor. Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN™ remains the oldest, prestigious, and most recognized program for design excellence worldwide. For 2017, the Museum received submissions from several thousand leading manufacturers and industrial and graphic design firms from around the world representing. This year marked the most significant year for GOOD DESIGN™ with the world’s critical mass of FORTUNE 500 companies and the world’s foremost design firms participating. All awards are posted on the Museum’s websites at, and


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Published January 05, 2018