On&On™ Recycling Program - 100M LBS

LANCASTER, Pa., August 27, 2018 – Armstrong Flooring is proud to announce that the company has reached a milestone – recycling more than 100 million pounds of post-consumer flooring materials, and keeping 50,000 tons of materials out of landfills.

“Our recycling program has multiple environmental benefits including waste reduction and resource conservation. The recycled flooring displaced virgin material, thus conserving natural resources and eliminating the environmental impacts associated with the mining and manufacturing of those resources which means our product have a lower environmental footprint,” said Amy Costello, Sustainability Manager, Armstrong Flooring. “The On&On™ recycling program is an example of Armstrong Flooring’s dedication to circular economy principles and closed-loop manufacturing.”

To date, the program has saved:

  • 1.3 billion gallons of water or 2.7 million bathtubs full of water
  • 44 million kg of greenhouse gases eliminated, which is equivalent to removing emissions from 25,000 cars
  • 154 million kWh of energy, or enough to power 12,000 homes for a year

Since 2009, the On&On Floor Recycling Program has offered commercial building owners and contractors an alternative to traditional disposal and a flexible, end-of-life recycling solution for resilient flooring products. This program was the first program of its kind to recycle installed Armstrong flooring products as well as qualifying competitive products. It is available throughout the contiguous United States and Canada and is possible because of technological innovations developed by Armstrong Flooring.

What began as a recycling program for VCT has expanded into a comprehensive program that includes Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and BioBased Tile (BBT). As LVT experiences continued growth in North America, this innovative product’s lifecycle becomes increasingly important, and Armstrong Flooring has committed to creating and perpetuating a simple, rewarding recycling option.

“The program’s success would not have been possible without the establishment of key strategic partnerships with contractors, distributors, flooring installers and partnerships with major corporations such as Target, Walmart, and Kroger that are committed to operating sustainably,” said Costello. For example, Armstrong Flooring partners with Linron Company, the nation’s leading national account distributor for retail chain stores. Linron, Armstrong Flooring Recycler of the Year in 2017, works with their retail customers to promote and implement the Armstrong Flooring On&On Floor Recycling Program. Armstrong Flooring has a proud, long history of recycling and environmental stewardship, starting with reusing cork waste for linoleum floors in the early 1900s. Over 100 years before the term “Circular Economy” was coined, the company’s founder and innovator, Thomas Armstrong, built a linoleum flooring manufacturing facility near the Armstrong Cork Company in Lancaster, Pa., to use cork and bottle cap waste as a raw material feedstock for Armstrong linoleum flooring. To learn more about how to participate in the On&On Recycling Program, please visit: www.armstrongflooring.com/reclaim.


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Published August 27, 2018