Hardwoods from Armstrong Flooring Are Helping Architects and Designers Create The “At-Home” Feeling in Restaurants, Boutique Spaces

Lancaster, PA (February 20, 2017) There is no place like home – or at least the feeling of being “at home.” The trend of creating an “at-home” environment, from boutique stores to upscale restaurants, has become the expectation of diners, shoppers and other consumers. Armstrong Flooring, a global leader in flooring design, will showcase several commercial hardwood flooring solutions that fall in line with this trend at booth #3213 during GlobalShop 2017, taking place from March 28-30 in the halls of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

GlobalShop brings together commercial designers, interior architects and visual merchandisers who seek innovative products that meet the complicated demands of today’s most challenging commercial spaces. As part of the brand’s commitment to addressing these needs, Armstrong Flooring will highlight design-focused and durable hardwood for creating an “at-home” ambiance in restaurant and boutique settings.

As consumers become more and more immersed in modern life, they crave the comfort of the natural world. As a result, industrial-chic design that has dominated the industry for the past decade is fading out, and designers are turning to the natural surface irregularities, distinctive textures, rich colors and organic shapes and patterns of wood.

Whether natural or veneer, they create warmth and visual complexity, allowing interior designers and architects to cultivate restaurant and boutique retail settings that feel fresh, honest and welcoming. And the latest hardwoods from Armstrong Flooring provide a durable, multi-faceted range of products that span a broad range of species, colors, finishes, styles and modular sizes:

Performance Plus - The stunning look of hardwood balanced with commercial performance. Two times the hardness of regular hardwood floors. Scratch- and stain-resistant finish for high-traffic environments.

Prime Harvest Engineered - Offering a stunning range of colors to coordinate with any palette or design style. Available in two plank size options.

American Scrape Engineered - Rustic, hand-scraped engineered hardwood featuring distinctive graining and knots. Available in a vibrant palette for a richly textured look.

TimberBrushed Engineered - Artistic techniques like liming and deep etching add color effects with dimension to highlight the beauty and artistic flair of this engineered hardwood

HomerWood® – A premium hardwood brand from Armstrong Flooring that offers classic to contemporary designs for truly spectacular floors in a range of beautiful species, colors, styles, textures and surface treatments. Featuring a variety of unique collections and a custom capability that turns any vision into reality.

And the “at-home” feeling that results from the installation of Armstrong Flooring hardwood comes without the loss of durability. Armstrong Flooring provides several wear finishes, robust construction and underlayment options that provide facility managers and operators peace of mind. The brand’s proprietary UV-cured finish resists scratches, scuffs, impacts and damage from alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and should major damage occur, individual planks can be replaced, leading to easier and faster on-site repairs.

Hardwood plays an important role in telling the Armstrong Flooring brand story at GlobalShop 2017. The company’s theme, “Elevate the Experience,” coexists with GlobalShop’s show-wide theme of “Experience Defines You” by helping retailers boost the customer experience with fresh, new and up-to-date flooring designs and capabilities.

By addressing topics such as operating costs, customer experience, lighting, layout and merchandising that encourage sales, Armstrong Flooring is better able to gauge and address the concerns of restaurant and boutique retail designers, owners and operators from a flooring perspective.

Additional concerns, such as turnover time, ease of installation and environmental impact are addressed by the inherent attributes of the brand’s line of hardwood flooring. Lock&Fold® technology, for example, allows for immediate occupancy thanks to quick and easy installation, and hardwoods from Armstrong Flooring can be installed over concrete, most subfloors and on any grade level. Furthermore, the products are CARB Phase 2 compliant, are low VOC and FloorScore® certified (excluding TimberBrushed Engineered), and can be installed with Quiet Comfort™ underlayments to provide an acoustic barrier. All hardwood products are manufactured to the Armstrong Flooring Diamond Standard of Quality.

To learn more about hardwood from Armstrong Flooring, and the unique role it plays in creating natural, welcoming “at-home” commercial spaces, please visit the pressroom: https://www.armstrongflooring.com/commercialglobalshoppr


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Published February 20, 2017