At GlobalShop 2018: Armstrong Flooring Showcases the Latest in Luxury Flooring & Hardwoods to Enhance the Retail Experience

Armstrong Flooring will feature its newest collections of trend-forward designs, hard-wearing, and low-maintenance floors for retail environments – from clothing stores to groceries – including the latest innovations in multilayer flooring and luxury vinyl tile, as well as natural hardwoods, at the 2018 Global Shop tradeshow, exhibit booth #2216.

In the highly competitive world of retail, it is important to not only create an environment that is inviting and attractive, but also create an experience that will encourage customers to spend time and money in the store, excite them to share it with their friends, and come back again and again. Image remains a serious factor in the equation. A floor plays a key role in setting the image and atmosphere of the store itself and in conveying a brand message.

“Retailing is all about the experience, and nothing sets the visual foundation of a store like the choice of flooring. Flooring is the critical first impression,” says Robert Brockman, Segment Marketing Manager, Commercial, Armstrong Flooring.

In addition to aesthetics, the floor plays a practical role in the shopping experience. "Many times, whether the customer knows it or not, the floor is driving the traffic by way of design. Color and pattern on the floor can guide the visitor, keep an open look and help define featured spaces," says Brockman.

Armstrong Flooring’s newest introduction is PRYZM, an innovation in waterproof and dent resistant flooring. This revolutionary floor is a first-of-its-kind rigid core flooring product, marrying award-winning designs and unparalleled performance. The waterproof hybrid flooring is skillfully engineered for the small retail environment with beautifully authentic designs and unmatched durability. The innovative hybrid structure starts at the top with a commercial-grade wear surface that resists scratches, gouges and dents better than the vinyl wear layers found on other multilayer flooring products. When exposed to water, planks will never swell, buckle or lose integrity. Ideal for boutique retail applications, these floors look newer for longer and deliver chic, realistic hardwood designs seldom seen on such high-performing floors. The visuals can help define a store’s brand image while offering durability to withstand the heavy foot traffic, heavy displays and periodic refreshes that occur in today’s retail spaces. There is little to no downtime in installation, saving time and money.

Natural Creations with Diamond 10 Technology is a cutting-edge solution for retail and other commercial environs. The patent-pending technology harnesses one of nature’s strongest substances: cultured diamonds. Since its unveiling, Natural Creations with Diamond 10 Technology has reset the industry standard by offering the industry’s highest scratch, stain and scuff resistance. The collection is available in an array of patterns to reflect the natural look that is increasingly popular in today’s retail designs along with modular shapes and sizes inspired by the natural beauty of wood, the colors and organic variations of stone and the distinctive woven-like appearance of textiles.

Whether solid or engineered, hardwoods create warmth and visual complexity, allowing interior designers and architects to cultivate restaurant and boutique retail settings that feel fresh and welcoming. And the latest hardwoods from Armstrong Flooring provide a durable, multi-faceted range of products that span a broad range of species, colors, finishes and styles, from the multi-species, multi-width Woodland Relics which looks and feels like true reclaimed boards, to the gentle color washings of the wire-textured woods from the premium HomerWood® brand. Armstrong Flooring hardwoods can define and shape the retail experience.

“While there are many choices in flooring, there is no one perfect flooring material for every retail situation. The area of the country, the type of establishment and the performance requirements are just a few of the factors that affect the final selections,” says Brockman. “Armstrong Flooring is proud to offer stunning visuals, flexible options and durable solutions to help retailers create and maintain an atmosphere that engages customers and encourages them to share their experience of your brand for years to come.”


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Published March 13, 2018