Nominating Committee Contact

Please choose one of the options below to report concerns or ask questions about Armstrong’s corporate governance, Corporate Governance Principles, Board independence and other qualifications, or to recommend an individual for service on the Board of Directors. Your message will be forwarded to the Nominating and Governance Committee.

Write to the Nominating and Governance Committee:
Armstrong Nominating and Governance Committee
c/o Armstrong Corporate Secretary
P. O. Box 3001
Lancaster, PA 17604

E-mail the Nominating and Governance Committee at:
(Messages are collected by the Corporate Secretary and reported to the Committee.)

Recommend a Board Candidate

If you wish to recommend an individual for service on the Board of Directors, please send a letter or email (per above) and supply this information:

  • The full name, address, education and professional experience of the individual and why you believe this person will be a good director.
  • The consent of the individual to be considered and to serve if elected.
  • The individual’s assessment of their independence and qualifications under SEC, NYSE, and Articles II and III of Armstrong’s Corporate Governance Principles.
  • The number of shares of Armstrong stock held by the individual and by the persons supporting the recommendation.

You may be contacted for further information to help the Committee evaluate the candidate.

Although all recommendations will be considered, you are encouraged to submit recommended candidates by July in order to allow them the fullest consideration for election at the next annual meeting. From time to time, vacancies arise during the year, however, and shareholder recommendations timely to those situations will be considered.

Send your recommendation and the requested information to the Corporate Secretary by mail or e-mail as noted above.