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From meeting rooms to meditation rooms, the workplace culture is changing. In addition to traditional workspaces, design can include cafeterias and fitness centers — showcasing an invigorated focus on well-being and company culture.

At Armstrong Flooring, we offer flooring that can adapt to a new need for both performance and well-being. Because the workplace isn’t just for work — it’s a space to thrive.

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Top Considerations for Workplace Flooring

Biophilic Design: Bringing the Outside In

Research shows that employees in environments with natural elements have a higher level of well-being, and are more productive. Learn more about biophilia, evidence-based design, and why the products that make up a space have an impact on areas like stress and efficiency.

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The Truth About Static Load Limit Testing

Static load limit testing is a standard in the flooring industry, but not all tests are performed the same way. Learn more about modified testing, and how to consider results as part of your flooring decision.

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Dispelling Myths of Flooring Acoustics

Dispelling Myths of Flooring Acoustics Office noise — it’s predictable at times, and unexpected as well. Designing and planning for office noise is important, but flooring may not have as much of an impact as you think

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Lifecycle Costs of Design

Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is a powerful tool that demonstrates how design decisions will play out over the long term. Learn how this impacts flooring, and why a low-maintenance product can save over the long term — even with a higher initial cost.

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