hom Laminados homogéneos Natural Tone: H5313

Número de artículo H5313
Colección Medintone Diamond 10 Technology coating
Color Natural Tone
Tamaño 2.00 m x up to 30 m x 2.00 mm


Medintone with Diamond 10 Technology coating offers a complete spectrum of soft tonal neutrals and bright pops of color, perfect for orienting visitors and creating engaging learning environments. As part of Continuum Solutions, these colors can stand alone or coordinate nicely across the Armstrong Flooring portfolio to create unique design concepts and solutions for every space.

Featuring our patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology coating for an enhanced level of performance, Medintone flooring can withstand heavy traffic and staining for a true low-maintenance floor, providing category leading scratch, stain and scuff resistance.


Especificaciones generales
N.° de artículo H5313
Nombre del artículo Natural Tone
Colección Medintone Diamond 10 Technology coating
Especificaciones visuales
Color Natural Tone
Forma Lámina
Brillo Brillo Suave
Especificaciones sobre el rendimiento
Reflectancia lumínica 20-24%
Especificaciones físicas
Método de colocación Despliegue completo

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