Caso práctico The Ballantyne Community of Charlotte

Project Details
Project: The Ballantyne Community of Charlotte
Segment: Healthcare
Location: Charlotte, NC
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Faulkner. RdM Architecture of Davidson, North Carolina

The Ballantyne Community of Charlotte is an affluent region where you’ll find the finest in everything, from one of the highest rated golf resorts in the country to some of the most exclusive real estate in North Carolina. In a place where expectations run high, even the medical facilities have an upscale image. A combination of Armstrong™ PREMIER PERFORMANCE™ hardwood and NATURAL CREATIONS ArborArt Luxury Flooring at Ballantyne’s new Charlotte Radiology Breast Center and Carolinas Imaging Services provides the utmost in regal looks and unparalleled commercial performance.

Not too long ago, a patient at Charlotte Radiology returned to the waiting room after her appointment and sat for a while. One of the nurses asked her if everything was okay. The patient replied that she simply enjoyed the space so much that she wanted to soak it in a while longer. That story isn’t an isolated case. In fact, “we’ve never received so many compliments from a single project and had so few problems during installation,” says Heather Faulkner, the project architect. “The hospital owner, as well as the doctors and staff, at this location are very proud of their new space. They receive numerous comments from patients every day, many of whom say they want the same finishes for their own home,” adds Faulkner. RdM Architecture of Davidson, North Carolina, has been providing design services for Charlotte Radiology facilities for over six years. For this project, completed in the summer of 2006, Faulkner explains, “A grand aesthetic was expected, due to the proximity to the Ballantyne Resort. The owners wanted a warm, upscale look with dark tones and shimmering gold finishes. Diann McGuirt, an executive assistant at Charlotte Radiology, adds, “we wanted the floors to enhance and blend with the furniture, which has a black finish. We also wanted floors that would stand up to heavy traffic. The Armstrong™ products have a wonderful appearance and Armstrong has an excellent reputation for performance.” PREMIER PERFORMANCE™ Walnut Bronze and NATURAL CREATIONS ArborArt Luxury Flooring Walnut Medium paired well with the other finishes used in the facility, especially the bronze and alabaster light sconces and pendants that lend a resort-like look to the space.

Faulkner explains her choice of Armstrong products in the imaging and screening areas. “The engineered hardwood was a must for the waiting room. Real wood provides a comfortable, living room type of feel for the space. The Walnut Bronze color, with its varied brown, bronze and honey tones, gives the entire office a warm elegance.” Other spaces capture that visual in resilient form. Faulkner says, “Luxury vinyl tile is used in the corridors, exam rooms and other patient areas. We liked the NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring plank shape, as it resembles a true hardwood board. The visual is virtually indistinguishable from real wood. We are also very pleased that the transitions between the real hardwood planks and the luxury vinyl planks are barely noticeable. The floor gauges are similar and the beautiful wood tone variations blend nicely.” The top-notch installation was provided by Simpson’s Floor Fashions, Inc.

Of course, looks aren’t everything, especially for hard-working medical floors. The products need to satisfy budget requirements. This is why engineered hardwood is used only in the patient waiting area, while the lower cost, hardwood-looking luxury vinyl tile is used in the other spaces. The floors also need to perform under various conditions, including the ability to withstand heavy traffic and provide easy maintenance, which is another reason why luxury vinyl tile is used in most other areas of the office. Faulkner explains, “techs are on their feet constantly. The vinyl plank is much softer underfoot than other hard-surface flooring products that are traditionally used in these spaces.” Although maintaining the luxury vinyl tile flooring was an initial concern because of spills and standing water from pedestal water fountains, Faulkner says, “the NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring is actually easier to clean than any carpet.”

For the utilitarian behind-the-scenes spaces including mechanical, electrical, storage areas and the dark room, low-cost vinyl composition tile was installed. Armstrong Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture VCT Cottage Tan color-coordinates with the two newer floors, even though that color is one of the originals in the venerable tile line. For the finishing touch, Armstrong Color-Integrated WALL BASE in Deep Brown is used to protect the floor-to-wall transitions.

Because of RdM’s longstanding relationship with Charlotte Radiology, the design firm had flexibility and discretion in selecting from a number of manufacturers and products for this project. As for the choice to use Armstrong, Falkner comments, “Armstrong is a trusted brand that we use regularly. Our strong faith in the company, their product information on the web, their quick sample service, and the expertise of our regional Armstrong rep, give us the ability to make informed decisions for our clients.”