esd Static Control Flooring Grey Beige: 2815-043

Item Number 2815-043
Collection Pastell Conductive
Color Grey Beige
608 mm x 608 mm x 2.0 mm
Shapes Sheet


Homogeneous Electric Sheet & Tile Pastelll Conductive homogeneous conductive floor is designed for technology market demands. And also suitable for the healthcare segment.

  • Flooring suitable for areas where there is an explosive risk, operating theatres, computer rooms where dual protection is not required.
  • The broken bright decorative pattern can use with FAVORITE in different areas.


General Specifications
Item Number 2815-043
Item Name Grey Beige
Collection Pastell Conductive
Visual Specifications
Color Grey Beige
Shape Sheet Tile
Physical Specifications

For Size:

For Size: 608 mm x 608 mm x 2.0 mm