Case Study Texhoma Christian Care Center

Project Details
Project: Texhoma Christian Care Center
Segment: Healthcare
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Bundy, Young, Sims & Potter, Inc.

“Main Street” Design with NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring Enriches Residents’ Lives

Able-bodied people take everyday activities like playing outside games or going to the movies for granted. But, for people with physical and mental limitations, especially those who live in long term care nursing facilities, these enjoyable endeavors often go by the wayside. Now, patients at Texhoma Christian Care Center (TCCC) can participate in these and other recreational activities in the facility’s recently opened “Main Street.” The 16,000 square foot building was designed to enrich the lives of residents who need long or short-term rehabilitative and nursing care by providing an entertaining escape from the routine of daily nursing care. Interior Designer Terry Lowry, Bundy Young Sims & Potter, says, “We wanted to create a space where patients could have fun and socialize with each other and their families. The challenge was creating a space that was attractive and inviting, and was also durable with easy low maintenance. The modern textures in Armstrong’s NATURAL CREATIONS Luxury Flooring were the perfect complement to our design. The residents feel as though they have entered a mall with many activities to enjoy.” TCCC Administrator Jaymee Holder agrees, commenting, “The designer’s flooring recommendation met our maintenance and durability requirements as well as the ability to utilize the flooring to identify specific venues in our ‘Main Street’ concept.”

Investing in the Best Care

TCCC’s mission statement is, “To provide compassionate, caring, high quality nursing service to all entrusted in our care, and deliver unparalleled service and quality in all support areas needed to fulfill this mission.” “Support areas” aptly describes any space contributing to a patient’s well-being. TCCC constructed their new “Main Street” center in 2012 — to improve the lives of patients and their families. The project involved building a new, single-story, steel-framed activity and community room, and connecting it to two, existing, skilled nursing facilities. The new, consolidated and centrally-located “Main Street” has a main area leading to individual “storefronts” including a movie theater, soda shop, multiple game rooms, library, computer room and a banquet hall for events. TCCC promotes the new center on its website as “An Investment in Your Family” and invites anyone who would like to see the new facility to stop by and take a tour.

Crafted With Care

Terry says the interior design theme employs elements of the Craftsman Style of the Arts and Crafts era, an architectural movement that flourished in the mid 1900’s, and one that is still popular today for its celebration of fine craftsmanship and use of simple forms and natural materials. Natural Creations Luxury Flooring, a product inspired by materials found in the environment, helped the designer achieve the desired look. Terry explains, “The textures of Armstrong’s Natural Creations Luxury Flooring are the perfect complement to the architectural style of our design, with a finish unachievable through traditional composition tile. The many coordinating options produced an exciting floor design that flows easily, allowing each individual ‘Main Street’ storefront to have a distinct appearance with no gauge transitions. The many styles and colors of the flooring set each storefront apart from another.”

The designer used all three lines in the Natural Creations Luxury Flooring collection. EarthCuts, features natural surface characteristics and color variations that bring stone’s natural beauty to life, is the weld flooring in the building’s main mall area. ArborArt, with natural wood graining, color variations and textures, is underfoot in the library, community and game rooms. Trendy Mystix, featuring contemporary wood, metal, stone and geometric patterns, was the perfect choice for the movie theater, soda shop, computer room and interactive spaces. Although there are a multitude of luxury tile products on the market, Terry specified Armstrong. She notes, “We chose Natural Creations because of its limitless design options and because of our past experiences and trust in the product. Our representative, Dennis Scott, is always so knowledgeable about the products and is helpful to make samples readily available to our designers. Our confidence in Armstrong complements the design process.”

And, Easy to Care For

Jaymee says she is delighted with Natural Creations Luxury Flooring's’ performance and maintenance. She explains, “Low maintenance and extended durability in high traffic areas was critical to our floor decision-making process. Now that the installation is complete, our patients and staff are pleased with the flooring, especially the ease and convenience of clean up.”

Natural Creations Luxury Flooring was developed with long term care facilities like TCCC in mind. The product features a durable, abrasion-resistant wear layer for years of good looks, and the UV-cured polyurethane coating may eliminate the need for polishes and spray in some applications, too. The reduced maintenance saves time and costs, which in turn reduce operating costs and manpower needs.

A Job Well Done

Everyone involved with this project believes it achieved its objectives. Terry comments, “I was very pleased with the outcome of this project. Texhoma was very pleased with the finished project and has had many compliments about the flooring. I applaud the creativity and vision of the architects and client. They created the perfect canvas for the design; Armstrong provided a wide choice of coordinated color and design options; and the installation and expertise by Breegle assured the final result.”

Jayme agrees, remarking, “Overall, we are extremely pleased with every aspect of the flooring. I can say for a fact that every person I have toured through the area has commented favorably about the flooring.”

Breegle Abbey Carpet Floor installed the flooring. Breegle's Bobby Diltz, says, “The floor adds greatly to the feel of the space because the colors and textures have the warmth needed for a home, and the durability and maintenance needed for a commercial space.” He notes Armstrong is a trusted partner his company can rely on for commercial projects. “We have easy access to installation support and our Armstrong rep stays involved to handle any concerns about the floor being correctly installed.”

This kind of feedback is not unusual. Armstrong is proud of the company’s long track record in contributing to customer happiness—including specifiers, installers and end users. The company’s collection of high performance floor products has been meeting the most rigorous demands of hospital and other healthcare customers for over 150 years. Armstrong provides all commercial customers with beautiful, durable and affordable product solutions, backed by the most trusted reputation in the flooring industry.

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