vct Vinyl Composition Tile Standard Excelon MultiColor Diamond 10 Tech


Commercial Tile Reinvented
Effective April 30, 2020, the Made-to-Order Program for MultiColor with Diamond 10 Technology coating will be discontinued. Contact your Armstrong Flooring representative for more information.

Reduced Cost of Ownership with Diamond 10 Technology

Save up to 40% on polish maintenance, compared to traditional VCT.

  • Reduce initial application of polish by 50%
  • Eliminate or reduce restorative stripping
  • Maximize gloss level with 50% fewer coats of polish

Proudly Made in the USA

Armstrong Flooring is primarily a domestic manufacturer, with 12 plants across the USA producing flooring from global and domestic content. We have made substantial investments to expand our capacity to manufacture flooring products in the U.S., including developing LVT production lines at plants in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Oklahoma.

For true color representation, contact your sales representative to order product samples before specifying.

VCT & BBT with Diamond 10 Technology Coating

Diamond 10 Technology coating on VCT and BBT reduces initial application of polish by 50% and reduces or eliminates ongoing restorative stripping, significantly reducing the cost of ownership over the life of the floor.

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