Mod Angles by Candice Held

Design 2: Mod Angles

In collaboration for spring 2019, Armstrong Flooring partnered with designer Candice Held to create inspiring and on-trend flooring designs. This is the second in a series of four designs.

Mod Angles captures the timeless beauty of black and white, and pits the light and dark — positive and negative — against each other for stark, eye-catching contrasts in design. Linear runs of black and white invert as they move through quadrants, peppered along the way with plaid designs as a nod to 1960s fashion.

Inspiration for the VCT Design

Mod Angles by Candice Held

I really love the way that the black and white has a very strong and powerful, stark look to it.

If Mod Angles stirs up visions of 1960s fashion icons, it’s not by mistake. The decade’s stark lines of mod fashion play a large part in Candice’s inspiration, as do the pockets of plaid throughout the floor’s design. As a designer who normally obsesses over color, creating a black and white design was a challenge Candice made to herself.

To accomplish this, she found inspiration in the Notan Dark-Light Principle of Design — a Japanese concept defined as “the interaction between positive (light) and negative (dark) space.”

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