Abstract Geo by Candice Held

Design 1: Abstract Geo

Armstrong Flooring partnered with designer Candice Held to create inspiring and on-trend VCT flooring designs. This is the first in a series of four designs.

Abstract Geo takes the static design of a fan or pinwheel shape, and introduces the idea of rotational motion through strategically placed shapes and colors. By using the Vogue Magazine editorial as inspiration, Candice took on the challenge of using precise color selection to add energy to a stationary design.

Inspiration for the VCT Design

Abstract Geo by Candice Held

I wanted to create a sense of motion with just the placement of the bright, bold hues against black. I like how a simple abstract geometric shape can convey a sense of kinetic energy through color placement.

Inspiration can come from anywhere — even September of 1976. Inside a Vogue Magazine editorial, a bold and vivid photo shoot caught Candice’s eye to serve as an inspiration to take a chance — visually — with the Abstract Geo design. Having already started with a concept of an abstract fan or pinwheel shape in motion, this inspiration during the re-coloring process transformed Abstract Geo into its own strong and effective design.

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