Push the Limits with VCT

Candice Held X Armstrong Flooring

Candice Held is a talented designer who creates bold, vibrant prints for silk scarves, clothing, and home textiles. Her specialty is vintage-inspired prints in rich colors, created using studio artwork techniques including drawing and painting with watercolor. These one-of-a-kinds prints often become scarves, dresses, swim wear, home textiles and more, which are showcased in her two boutiques in California.

She draws inspiration from everything around her, especially her desert surroundings – the architecture, climate, the beauty of the mountains – and her flooring designs featuring VCT are no exception. She translated her vintage-inspired prints into unique designs using our broad palette of VCT offerings.

We partnered with Candice to bring her fresh and modern design aesthetic to life through four on-trend VCT flooring designs. 

Inspired by Timeless Design

Mod Angles X Candice Held

See how the graphic impact of positive and negative can define unique shapes.

Parallel Lines X Candice Held

Bring warmth to any space with the perfect amount of color.


Jet Set Geo X Candice Held

The right color tones can bring the elements of any jet set location into design.

The entries are in, the designs have been reviewed, and we selected a winner. Who's going to Palm Springs, California? Check out the winning design and our other VCT entries now! 

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