Made to Order VCT & BBT with Diamond 10 Technology Coating

Made-To-Order Program

Commercial Tile Reinvented

Now, you can order Armstrong VCT and BBT with Diamond 10® Technology coating, keeping your tile floors looking newer longer at a lower maintenance cost than traditional VCT. In fact, save up to 40% compared to VCT traditional polished maintenance procedures!  The patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology provides a protective coating, improving resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs. It enables you to use less floor polish to maintain your floor, reducing cost of ownership significantly over the life of your floor.  

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Maintain your floors for less money than traditional VCT with floor polish maintenance procedures.

✔ Reduce or eliminate initial application of floor polish.

✔ Reduce or eliminate restorative floor polish stripping and recoating.

Imperial Texture VCT


Each product was scratched using an abrasive pad under a 12.5 lb. load for 20 passes, simulating commercial traffic.



After scratching, samples were stained, wiped with a dry paper towel, and then an alcohol wipe. The samples were also scuffed with a rubber heel and wiped with a dry cloth.

Beautiful Floors, Minimal Prep

✔ Maximize gloss levels and create a more uniform overall appearance with as little as three coats of a high-quality commercial floor polish.

VCT and BBT with Diamond 10® Technology coating delivers best in category scratch, stain and scuff resistance with reduced cost of polish maintenance over the life of the floor.  Contact your Armstrong Flooring sales representative for a live demonstration.