Made to Order VCT with Diamond 10 Technology Coating

Commercial Tile Reinvented

Now, order VCT with Diamond 10 Technology coating, to keep floors looking newer, longer. Diamond 10 Technology provides a protective coating, improving resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs. Save on costly maintenance by eliminating or reducing initial application of polish by 50% and eliminating or reducing ongoing restorative stripping and recoating. Less floor polish means a lower cost of ownership.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Save up to 40% on average, compared to traditional polished VCT maintenance procedures.

✔ Eliminate or reduce initial application of polish by 50%

✔ Eliminate or reduce restorative stripping and recoating

✔ Maximize gloss level with 50% fewer coats of polish vs. traditional VCT

VCT & BBT with Diamond 10 Technology Coating

Imperial Texture VCT


Each product was scratched using an abrasive pad under a 12.5 lb. load for 20 passes, simulating commercial traffic.



After scratching, samples were stained, wiped with a dry paper towel, and then an alcohol wipe. The samples were also scuffed with a rubber heel and wiped with a dry cloth.

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