Armstrong Flooring Adds BioBased Flooring to Rebranded On&On™ Floor Recycling Program

Lancaster, Pa., December 1, 2016 – Every day, old and worn commercial flooring is discarded and sent to America’s landfills. Since 2009, Armstrong Flooring has committed to lessening this substantial burden on our planet through a unique, closed-loop recycling program. The On&On™ Floor Recycling Program, an ongoing and recently branded recycling effort from the company, has already diverted 28 million pounds of post-consumer flooring representing 14,000 tons of landfill material.

On&On Floor Recycling Program offers commercial building owners and contractors an alternative to traditional disposal and a flexible, end-of-life recycling solution for vinyl flooring products. What began as a recycling program for Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) has expanded into a comprehensive program that now includes Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and BioBased Tile (BBT) that is recycled back into new tile. As LVT experiences continued growth in North America, this innovative product’s lifecycle becomes increasingly important, and Armstrong® has committed to creating and perpetuating a simple, rewarding recycling option.

BBT’s innovative bio-flooring provides sustainability, beauty and productivity to commercial spaces that require these elements for a seamless interplay of design quality and performance. As a bio-based alternative to PVC flooring, BBT bio-flooring’s main ingredient is 85% North American limestone locally quarried, further reducing the product’s carbon footprint.

A Four-Step Process
Building owners, contractors and other flooring professionals looking to participate in the On&On Floor Recycling Program are required to follow four simple steps:

  • Register: Call 1-888-276-7876 (option 3) to register a new recycling project with the Armstrong Flooring On&On Floor Recycling Center.
  • Confirm: To obtain post-registration approval, project coordinators are required to complete a project questionnaire, asbestos survey, recycling agreement and recycling logistics form.
  • Remove: Approximately 2 to 4 weeks before demolition, specially labeled recycling containers will be shipped to the job site. After cleaning and eradicating surface debris, the existing flooring should be removed with a floor scraper and shovel and placed in the recycling containers.
  • Call Us: Once removed, the containers should be covered with stretch wrap, and provided shipping labels attached to the return freight. Pickup is arranged through the On&On Floor Recycling Center by calling 1-888-276-7876 (option 3).

A Legacy of Environmental Stewardship
Armstrong Flooring has a long history of diverting pre- and post-consumer waste from landfills, dating back to 1907 when founder Thomas Armstrong diverted waste from his bottle cork manufacturing facility to manufacture linoleum flooring over 100 years before the term “Circular Economy” was coined. The On&On Program continues this legacy and reaffirms the company’s commitment to a circular economy and closed-loop manufacturing that gives a new life to what would have been thrown away.

About Armstrong

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